Straight conveyors

The all-rounder

Your benefits with our straight conveyors:

  • extruded aluminium sections for distortion proof frame structures
  • Mobile design for high flexibility
  • precise sealing between the belt and the lateral guide
  • integrated T-grooves for taking up undercarriages and accessories
  • practical for parts storage to handling systems
  • also available with hopper for the transport of parts laterally from an injection molding machine
  • special straps in food-compatible design

Small conveyor belt

Small is great as

The narrow band of 50 mm with only 40 mm deflection diameter of the small conveyor belt type GF 50 offers a wide range of applications where space is restricted.

The sturdy aluminium profiles together with the numerous optional systems and drive components guarantee a high degree of flexibility.

Angular conveyor belt

We think around the corner

Your benefits with our angular conveyor belts:

  • with gas-pressure support for an easier adjustment of the angle
  • automatic belt tension compensation
  • Conveyor belt also available with corrugated edges and cover sheets for the transport of very small pieces
  • infinitely adjustable angle from 30 - 60° guarantees an enormously flexibility of use
  • optimized kink geometry for constant belt tension over the entire adjustment
  • ideally suited for use under clean room conditions

Plate conveyor belt system

Tough in operation

Your benefits with our plate conveyor belts:

  • specially designed aluminium profiles with integrated chain guides guarantee low tape wear
  • strain relief of plate modules through bilateral chain guide
  • versatility thanks to the robust plate system
  • maintenance and repair work such as belt adjustments, tensioning and replacement are no longer necessary thanks to bilateral chain management
  • plate module belts with high life expectancies
  • high temperature resistance up to 250 °C
  • single plate modules are easily replaced thanks to the newly developed snap-on system
  • robust three-phase drive with torque monitoring
  • left and right sealing along the lengths prevents jamming by small parts
  • plate modules made of anodized aluminium or special nylon material with optimized wear behaviour

Plate conveyor belt system with adjustable bends

The flexible.

Our plate conveyor belts with the properties listed opposite are also available as angle conveyor belt. The infinitely adjustable bends from 30-60 ° guarantees an enormously flexibility of use.

Like our other angle conveyors the plate conveyors are supported by gas pressure.

Conveyor systems

in stainless steel

  • specially developed conveyor belt systems in compliance with the stringent requirements of the food industry
  • FDA, HACCP-compliant design
  • easy cleaning also with hot-steam jet appliances
  • good and rapid access through fast-to-remove covers and cleaning hatches
  • diverse possibilities of use as cooling and process belts in production flows
  • flexible design possibilities for angular and Z-shaped conveyor belts due to various angle elements

Z-conveyor belt

for filling large containers

  • constant, freely adjustable, low drop height of the parts (sensor controlled)
  • no damage = no complaints, especially for parts with sensitive surfaces
  • versatile use for different container heights
  • simple control with automatic sequence
  • variable stops for the exact positioning of the containers used

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