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MFördersysteme –
Dynmic solutions.

Our philosophy is simple: your wish is our incentive. We can develop the most efficient solutions for your specific operating environment. Cleanrooms or food processing, high temperatures or lack of space, dust formation or extreme processing speeds: in any new business, new production conditions exist. We have wide experience with the complexity and the different factors involved in logistics and production - and put all our engineering skills at the service of your operational mission. We design the systems, build them and deliver a turnkey solution.

Conveyor belt systems


Our high-quality plate conveyors are also available as angle conveyor belt. This enables an enormously flexible application through the continuously variable ...


Efficiency at its best


We have great experience with the complexity and the different factors in logistics and manufacturing - and put all our engineering skills ...


Conveyor belts with sensitivity

The small conveyor belt type GF 50 convince through the astonishingly low band height of 50 mm and a deflection diameter of only 40 mm ...